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We took the plunge and now own property in Panama

After the trip back in August/Septemner of 2018, we came home and gave a lot of thought to what we experienced. The joy we felt in Bocas del Toro made it clear that we couldn't let this one property slip through our fingers.

Even on our flight home back in September, we knew in our hearts that Bocas was for us. We really didn't have the money in hand to make our dream come true. We only went down to look after all and retirement is still a long way off. 

Over the next few days we spent hours trying to figure out what we could actually pull off. Hopes were high but we really weren't sure we could make things happen. Ultimately, we scraped up the money we needed and we put in an offer on a plot of land on Isla Popa.


The offer was accpted after a little back and forth. We had to offer more than we wanted to spend but not as much as they were originally asking. The offer being accepted was only the start of the adventure. After all, we are buying property in another country where we don't know the rules and we won't be able to visit all that often before we retire. Lucky for us, there are so many helpful and trustworthy people in Bocas to hold our hands and guide us therough the process.

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  Our visit to the Caribbean side of Panama, September 2018

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