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How big is the property on Isla Popa?

We have had several people ask how big the property is and explaining it is a bit tricky because of the scale. Our plot of land is 29 acres, but how big is that?

An average home lot in Salem Oregon is about 1/5th of an acre. But does it help to know that our Panama lot is 145 times larger than our current home lot? Can you even picture that in your head? Probably not. Here is a sample image showing just part of our lot's outline layed over our current home on a Google Maps screen grab.

The red box is our current home and the red line is the outline of our land in Pana. Our lot is not square. It is rather long and narow. Some day we will make the journey all the way around but most of the land is thick jungle making it very hard to get through. Here is a zoomed out map. You can click on it to make the image bigger.

You can see that 29 acres is much more than we are use to. We have no plans to do anything with the majority of the land. We will carve a few trails but for the most part we want to leave the jungle alone. The only reason we even own this much is because we wanted the area near the water where our home will be and it was all or nothing.

Hopefully, this has given you some idea about the scale of the property. It is still rather hard for us to wrap our heads around.

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