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Our visit to the Pacific side of Panama, February 2018

Our first trip when searching for a place to call home was the Pacific side of Panama. We stayed in two different locations trying to get a feel for life in the area. This was a vacation but also a chance to see what life might hold for us.

We stayed in Plya Venao first where we stayed in a lighthouse for a few days. This was a popular surfing area and the sand was very hot. We realized that this area was not for us. It was very  much like Southern California as far as the climate goes. There was very little green. The sand was hot and the waves were amazing. We took a surfing lesson and Tina did great. On the other hand, I struggled and ultimatly had to give up. Although we enjoyed our stay, we knew it was only a visit. 

We then stayed in Rio Hato which was about half way between Plya Venao and Panama City. Although this still had a bit of a Southern California feel, it was much more to our liking. We even put this location on our "maybe" list for future consideration. The only real problem we had was that our visit was during a jelly fish breading cycle and Tina got stung quite a few times. I think I may have gotten stung too but it didn't bother me.

To  make the most of our trip, we rented a car in Panama City and drove to both hotels. Driving in Panama is quite an experience. If you have ever driven in Southern California or really any major US City, you will be able to handle driving in Panama. Although when you return home, you will not likely complain about bad drivers ever again. 

We have some images from our trip up on Facebook visible to the public without having to login or make an account. Feel free to check out our Facebook Album.

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