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Where did we look before buying property?

We had planned on doing a lot more looking around than we actually did. But once we found our property, we knew it would be home some day.

Here are some of the places we visited before settling down. These are the places we actually visited in order:

Here are a few other places we considered but never made it to. We may still visit some day just for the experience.

Those were the main places we had considered up to the point of buying our property. We still love watching Caribbean Life on HGTV and seeing all the places that people are escaping to. Many in the Caribbean are very similar in their appeal. 

Most of the places that are reasonable in price are less developed and they offer that "island time" experience that we want. Some are more built up and very modernized but with that comes a much higher cost of living.

For us, we were looking to step back in time and live a more self sufficient life away from town and just enjoy life as it comes.

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