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Into the jungle

On the second day of our island stay we ventured into the jungle. The goal was to walk the entire outline of our 29 acre property starting at the dock. We had a map which Glenn forgot back at the room on Isla Colon so we had to go from memory and line of sight. The surveyor put orange flags on sticks and trees to help us locate the property line. Too bad that we lost track of the markers when we discovered that there are plants of almost the same color out there. The yellow line in the first image is our entire property. The blue line is what we call our "home lot" and if you can see the red square, that will be the house. Click the image to enlarge it.

Trekking through the jungle wasn't exactly easy. There were hills to climb, fallen trees to duck under and undergrowth to hack down. But the experience was amazing. We were hot and tired and as happy as can be. The dark image is not at night. It is just that the jungle is dark enough for the flash to cause that effect.

We were out for several hours and we found some very interesting plants. One vine was hard like wood and looked like a wavy rope. It went 40+ feet up into the tree. A vine that was quite common was about an inch thick with huge spines. Several trees also had spines so it was important to watch what we were touching.

After we lost track of the markers, we wandered around a while trying to relocate them but in the end it was clear that we needed to head back to the shed and call it a day. In the end, we estimate that we made it about half way back into our property. Without a very good sense of direction, we could have gotten lost and no one would have come looking for us.

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