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Our beach is in an episode of Sailing Project Atticus

Our beach is on Season 4 Episode 28 of Saling Project Atticus.

I have been watching random episodes of Sailing Project Atticus for the past couple weeks. Today I stumbled upon this. At exactly minute 3 into this video, they come up on our beach to stretch their legs and relax a little.

Jordan and Desiree are an amazing couple that have been living their dream and sharing their adventures on their sail boat. They believe like we do that you don't need a lot of money to live your dream.

I highly recommend visiting their YouTube channel and checking out all their videos. I know I am going to be watching them for quite some time.

In this episode, I was thinking that the area looked very much like the area around our island. Then when they were going through the mangroves I kept thinking how much it looked just like our area. Then they came into view of the beach and I freaked out when I realized it really was our beach!!!

They tie their boat directly on the sandy cove where our beach connects to the neighbor's beach. I was so excited!

Tina came home just as I was watching the video so of course I stopped and rolled it back. She was just as excited as I was to see them on our beach.

It is just so random that this sort of thing would happen.

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