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Fruit trees have been planted.

We already had pineapples and coconuts, but now we have more fruit on the island.

Because it takes several years for saplings to grow enough to fruit, we wanted to get our trees in the ground right away. Here is the full list of what we have now.

Getting the new trees planted was quite the task. We started the process right as Covid-19 came on the scene and Bocas went on lock down before the planting could be done. So the trees sat at the nursery for months and ultimatly got sold off to others. But once things started opening up, Tyson from Island Property Management went to Finca Los Monos Botanical Garden to pick up our plants.

It is quite surprising how little the trees cost to purchase. For a total of 10 trees, we paid just a little over $100. We looked around in the US and found the cost to be 4 to 5 times the price. These are all local trees that grow wild easily. I would think if there was anything that needed to be imported or cultivated, the per-tree price would be quite a bit higher. But because we want to do as little maintenance as possible, we are only planting things that grow wild in the area.

We can't wait to get back and see these in person and watch them grow over the years.

Update 3/1/2022: Sadly, the leaf cutter ants decimated our saplings. I think we will try again soon with larger trees. Perhaps when we move in early 2024 so we can monitor them daily. This means we will have to wait a little longer for fruit than we had hoped. We took the chance and lost this time.

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